British National Paramotor Championships 2010

Following the growing success over the past four years of the annual British National Paramotor Championships, the 2010 competition scene has adopted a new approach. In a quest to keep pilots flying year round and to also bring new talent and depth to the prospective British Squad, the Competition Committee have introduced a 3-leg league for 2010.

The first of these legs took place 12-13 September 2009 at the Fly School Paramotor base in Southport, Lancashire. Andy Philips was Meet Director for what proved to be a perfect flying weekend.
The pace was relentless and Andy set a staggering 10 tasks over the 2 days of competition. The pilots ranged from World Champion to competition virgin, but a great time was had by everyone there and lessons were learnt by all.

This hugely successful first leg will be followed by a second leg in the spring (dates to be announced shortly) culminating in the final summer leg which will now be renamed the British Open. Pilots who aspire to the title of British Champion will be keen to attend all of the League events to optimise their points, and the task setting will reflect this in increased complexity as was seen in Southport.

The final leg (the British Open) will be more relaxed with the emphasis being a ‘fun, fair, simple and safe’ competition.

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Top 5 League Positions after Leg 1:

1. Michel Carnet – Bailey 4V / Dudek Nucleon / 1000 points
2. Laura Turner – Miniplane Top 80 / Dudek Nucleon / 669 points
3. Barney Townsend – Pap Top 80 / Dudek Nucleon / 570 points
4. Ric Womersley – Bailey 175 / Paramania Action GT / 417 points
5. Teresa Telus – Bailey Top 80 / Dudek Synthesis / 371 points

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