New LiFePO4 technology paramotor batteries from AV8ER

Av8er's new LiFePO4 paramotor batteries

Av8er's new LiFePO4 paramotor batteries

The new LiFePO4 paramotor batteries from British firm Av8er are available now.

Av8er are a paramotor school and club, who also make paramotor batteries. Their latest LiFePO4 batteries offer a high power output for a low weight, are tough, low-maintenance and suffer vey little self-discharge when stored.

A tough, weather-resistant Delrin case houses several 200A cells, and protects them fro explosion in the event of a crash.

Av8er say the batteries will start your motor easily up to 2,000 times, even at temperatures as low as -20 degrees celcius.

They can be charged from your standard lead-acid battery charger and installed in minutes using the terminals supplied, in any orientation as they contain no fluids. Their maximum exposure temperature is 80 degrees celcius, though, so they should be mounted away from the cylinder head and the exhaust.

To get the most from your LiFePO4 battery, it should always be kept above 9V (never let it fully discharge). Full instructions are supplied with the battery.

The chart below compares old-technology lead acid batteries with these lates LiFePO4 offerings:


AV8ER paramotor battery comparison chart

AV8ER paramotor battery comparison chart


The batteries are for sale on Av8er’s website for £139.95 + VAT.

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