Powerplay’s new reflex paramotor wing: the Scorpio

The Scorpio is a new advanced paramotor wing from Swing's Powerplay

The Scorpio is a new advanced paramotor wing from Swing's Powerplay

Swing’s powered paragliding brand Powerplay has released its first reflex wing: the Scorpio is aimed at advanced paramotor pilots looking for stability, manoeuverability and speed.

The Scorpio has an aspect ratio of 6, but Powerplay say it is remarkably easy to launch for such a high-perforance wing. They add that it also has remarkable agility compared to other reflex wings.

It has been built using nylon wires for structural support, 3D-shaping and hybrid lines for the best aerodynamic efficiency. A ring-reefing system and stabiliser-brakes allow tighter turns, and a two-phase speed system makes acceleration easy. A special crossover line system minimises roll when under full power.

Powerplay tell us that the Scorpio’s trimmers allow it to be slowed by 3km/h and speeded up by 7km/h, an extra 10km/h in the overall speed range. Add in the speed bar, and you get a top speed of 60+ km/h, depending on wing loading.

The Scorpio will be available in four sizes. The 24 is already certified and will be available from mid-February with a weight range of 120-145kg.


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  1. Mr. Abdulrahman Stenjee
    May 27, 2013 at 3:42 am #

    I am looking for a Powerplay wing. I am a beginner of paramotor pilot with the number of flight experiences of 20 times. I wish to have a stable and easy inflated wing. Please quote the price so that I could transfer money through Western Union. I live in Thailand. Thank you.

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