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Airborne nanolight

Airborne Nanolights: with Polini Thor 190

Airborne’s nanolights are superlightweight microlights that fall into the sub-70kg category, and the company say they are really growing in popularity, due to their simplicity, low cost and the fact that they are so easy to transport and can be put together in 15-20 minutes. Airborne make two nanolights: the V-Lite’s wing can be flown [...]

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PAP Rolling trike

PAP Rolling single-seater PPG Trike

PAP say their new single-seater Rolling trike, the only single-seater they make for the 1400 and 1450 diameter frame, is very easy to assemble and disassemble, with a new clip system making the job easier. The trike is built from stainless steel with duraluminium axes T6 7075, and comes with a chopice of three different wheel options [...]

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Fly Products single-seater Vertigo trike

Fly Products Vertigo trike

The new single-seater trike from Fly Products is called the Vertigo. A low pilot position makes the trike very stable on the ground, and it’s fitted with a front disc brake, and front and rear shock absorbers. The footplate can be adjusted forwards and backwards to comfortably accommodate pilots of varying heights, or you can [...]

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Paramax Zenith trike

The Zenith: a well-specced and powerful two-seater trike from Paramax

The Zenith is a powerful and well-specced two-seater trike from Dutch firm Paramax

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Sneak Preview of Flying Unlimited’s new Paramotor Trike

Flying Unlimited have given us a sneak preview of “probably our best trike to date”

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MagMax wing from Ozone

MagMax: New trike and tandem wing from Ozone

Ozone’s latest wing for powered flight is the MagMax. Developed from the now famous Magnum series of free flight tandem wings, it has been developed especially for flying tandem under power or with trikes. Ozone say they have added a number of features specifically for powered flight. The wing is said to be easy to [...]

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Fly Products Xenit Plus 2013 Trike

Fly Products’ Xenit Plus trike has been upgraded for 2013, and is now available with big wheels and a disc brake

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RS Ultra's new two-seater paramotor trike, the Nanook, was first unveiled at Mondial Paramoteurs in June

RS Ultra/Kangook Nanook tandem paramotor trike

Kangook’s Nanook is a new robust two-seater paramotor trike

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Electric Sports es-Trike: auxiliary power unit for hang gliders

Electric Sports es-Trike: auxiliary power for hang gliders

The electric es-trike is a DULV-certified, powered, aerodynamic, foldable trike for hang gliders

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Rick Grimm's home-made paramotor trike

Tiny Home-Built Paramotor Trikes

Does anyone have any home-built paramotor trikes to rival these tiny models?

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Apco Lift 450 paraglider for tandem trikes

Apco’s Lift 450: a new tandem trike paraglider

Apco’s new tandem trike paraglider, the Lift 450, can take loads of up to 450kg

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KobraPPG's Kilo Duo trike is now available with a Hirth paramotor engine

KobraPPG’s tandem Kilo Duo trike with choice of engines

KobraPPG’s popular Kilo Duo tandem trike can be bought with a range of engines, with a four-stroke option in the pipeline

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Adventure have urged all FunFlyer trike owners to read the following safety notice

Adventure FunFlyer trikes: Urgent safety notice

French firm Adventure have issued an urgent safety notice that concerns all of their FunFlyer trikes.

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The Drobek is a paramotor trike simulator, created for training pilots in schools

The Drobek: a paramotor trike simulator from Nimbus

Slovakian paramotor manufacturer Nimbus have created the Drobek, a trike simulator for flying schools

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Fun Nano, a tiny paramotor trike from French company Adventure

Fun Nano: a tiny paramotor trike from Adventure

The Fun Nano is a tiny trike from French company Adventure, designed for the super-lightweight X and X-Race paramotors.

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Alufly lightweight aluminium trikes

Alufly are a new company from Italy, who specialise in hand-made lightweight aluminium trikes for paramotors.

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KobraPPG Kilo Duo tandem trike

KobraPPG have released a new high-hangpoint tandem trike, the Kilo Duo.

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Fly Products build-it-yourself Eco2 trike

Fly Products now supply their Eco2 trike in kit form for home-build enthusiasts.

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Clemente Secure Land trike

Clemente Paramotors’ new Secure Land trike is a strengthened, stainless steel trike that can be used with any engine up to 100HP

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Nirvana NV360 paramotor trike

The NV360 trike from Nirvana is a stainless steel trike with a water-cooled four-stroke engine.

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